Church History

Our Church Mission Statement

The mission of Dupree Memorial Church of God in Christ is to be dedicated and focused in ministering to the need of salvation in people from all walks of life, whether they’re sick, imprisoned, discouraged or despondent; encouraging ‘all’ to accept this opportunity for eternal life in Christ through the preaching and teaching of the life changing Word of God as we fulfill the mission of Christ’s church in the world.


Hayden Street Church Of God In Christ was founded in 1924 by the late Bishop Boone. It was the first Church Of God In Christ founded in the city of
Fort Wayne. The church was centrally located in the city of at 1231 Hayden St. and it became known as Hayden St., and it became known as Hayden Street Church Of God In Christ. The church also became known as a holiness church because of its charismatic worship services. Under the late Bishop Boone the church flourished and new members were added to the congregation. Bishop Boone was the pastor of the church from 1924 to 1941.


After the passing of Bishop Boone, Elder John Dupree, who was the assistant pastor, became the second pastor of the church.  Under his leadership the church continued its growth. His wife Stella, was the church organist, and she was very instrumental in organizing the church choir. As the church continue to grow, Elder Dupree was elevated to District Superintendent. In 1968, the church was starting to outgrow its capacity, and with maintenance costs continuing to add up, Superintendent Dupree and the congregation decided it was time to start a building fund drive.  In 1988, after several years of raising funds, construction on the new church began. In the summer of 1988, the congregation joyfully marched from the old church into the new church to celebrate its grand opening.

New churchTo commemorate the work of Superintendent Dupree, the congregation unanimously decided to rename the church Dupree Temple Church Of God In Christ. In 1989, Superintendent Dupree was appointed to the office of Bishop. He became the first Bishop of the newly formed 3rd Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Indiana. Bishop Dupree continued to serve the church as pastor until his passing in 1998. Under interim pastor, Bishop H. Jenkins Bell, the church was again renamed to Dupree Memorial Church Of God In Christ.

IMG_4722In June 1999, Elder Lester A. Bush, Jr., became the third full time pastor of the church. He had been serving under Bishop Dupree as an associate pastor and president of the youth department. Pastor Bush and his wife Connie are endeavoring to add new ministries to the church. One such ministry is the Women of Wisdom Conference. Dupree Memorial is known and accepted as the Mother Church Of God In Christ in the city of Fort Wayne. Its long standing history in the city of Fort Wayne has made it one of the pillars of the community.

  1. Arlie (Brother Bill) Wilson

    Thank you Pastor. I, too, miss your loving wife. Hang in there. We will survive through her absence.

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