Table 12Table 12C

To bless, encourage and uplift the spirit of God’s people and help minister the blessing of worship and praise through music and song. These areas together are responsible for providing all the music for the various services and events the church has. They are a very vital part of the ministry.

This ministry has various parts such as the Goldenaires and Praise Team. They are responsible, through the ministry of music and song, for preparing the service and members for the worship & praise experience. They are also an integral part of preparing the atmosphere of the sanctuary for the Word.

Praise Dance Ministry

Table 6B Table 6

To bring a reality to the praise & worship experience for every person.
This group helps to set the atmosphere in the sanctuary for ushering in the Spirit of God and preparing for the Word.

Praise Dancers are another form of ministry of service. They help to accentuate the expression of music for the praise & worship experience. Their expressive gestures put to music help bring understanding to the music rendered. They minister to the people of God as they give glory to God through their display of creative expression and gestures. Movement is choreographed to express a story from the lyrics or music of the song.

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